Stella is custom software built to make electronic billing available for companies that don’t require a full EHR system.

If you are a Non-Traditional Medical Provider with a narrow focus of services or offerings, Stella provides you with a system to manage all of your Payors with rates for the items or services you bill for.

Stella parses multiple types of Electronic Remittance Advice so that all of your claim responses across Payors are available in one place. No more jumping around to different Payor portals to see the status of all of your claims.

Do you also deal with Private Pay customers? Stella can do that to. If your customer will pay out of pocket for your services you can send them paper invoices or automatically send PDF invoices via email.

Here are some Home and Community Based Service Provider Specialties that would benefit by using Stella.

Adult Day Care
Adult Day Services-Enhanced
Architectural Modification
Assistive Technologies
Attendant Care/Personal Assistance
Behavioral Therapy
Career Assessment
Cognitive Therapist
Community Integration
Community Transition Services
DME / Medical Supplies

Job Coaching
Job Finding
Licensed Practical Nurse
Non-Medical Counseling
Occupational Therapist
Per-Monthly Maintenance
Personal Care – Agency
Personal Care – Individual
Personal Emergency Response System
Pest Eradication

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