E028 – Re-Introduction

After a 2 year hiatus we are back

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E027 – FileMaker Get… not Get() Functions.

After a brief comparison of the Delete Record menu option and the Delete Record script step we review all of the FileMaker Functions that start with Get..., not Get().

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E026 – Working at Home During COVID-19

We give some advice and tips for working at home during the COVID-19 shutdown.

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E025 – New Years FileMaker Resolutions

On the 25th episode Teresa and Thomas discuss their new years resolutions for future FileMaker development.

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E024 – Medical Billing and Ticketing Chat

Tonight Teresa and Thomas have a chat about a couple of projects that we are working on including Medical Billing and a Theater Ticketing solution.

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E023 – Coach Carol: Efficient Productivity Systems

Coach Carol from EPS-Time talks with us on this episode about the need for coaching and the special needs of ADD/ADHD entrepreneurs. You can download her free pdf at: http://bit.ly/DevBestLife

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E022 – Daniel Shanahan New Leaf Data

On this episode we talked to Daniel from New Leaf Data and discussed his company, his focus and his recommendations for newer developers. Daniel was generous enough to offer a discount code for his FM Inventory Starter file that you can get using the link below. http://NewLeafData.com - The inventory specialists. http://FileMakerInventoryResources.com - A resource [...]

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E021 – Teresa Who?

We just realized that we never did an official introduction of ProFile Developers so in this episode I interview Teresa to get a little background. We hope you enjoy this.

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E020 – The Separation Model, Counterpoint

On this episode we discuss the Data Separation Model used in FileMaker development. We rebut the arguments made on the July 22, 2019 podcast Fireside FileMaker by John Mark Osborne and Michael Rocharde. You can listen to their discussion on the Separation Model using the link below (spoiler alert: they both have a mild hatred [...]

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E019 – Claris FileMaker DevCon 2019

Join us as we review DevCon19. We review the various sessions that we attended during the recent FileMaker Developers Conference held at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando Florida.

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E018 – Dealing with your FileMaker Clients

Teresa and Thomas discuss working with clients and how they deal with certain issues that inevitably arise.

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E017 – FileMaker Development Tips and Gotchas 2

In this episode we discuss several tips and things to be aware of when developing a solution in FileMaker Pro Advanced 17. FileMaker has been around for a long time and has a few quirks and features, some of which you only learn with experience. This episode will give you tips that will save you [...]

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E016 – FileMaker 3rd Party Starter Files Review

In this episode Teresa and Thomas review several free starter files. fmIgnite Starter from LuminFire FM Starting Point from RCC Consulting FM Kickstart from Kempen Automatisering FMQuickStart from DB Services Karbon from Geist Interactive

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E015 – What We Used to Have to Do (Feature review)

Beth Latta from IT Solutions is our guest and we discuss our 30 history developing solutions with FileMaker.

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E014 – FileMaker Design Functions Review

We review each of the Design Functions in FileMaker Advanced 17. We also discuss DatabaseNames     A list of the names of all files open on the computer. FieldBounds     The location, in points, of each field boundary and the field’s rotation in degrees. FieldComment     The specified field’s comment. FieldIDs     A list of [...]

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